What Is A Double Move In Football?

A double move in football refers to a receiver route that involves two cuts the first to trick the defender the second being the real route they are running.

Double moves are a great way for a receiver to get a large amount of separation from a defender. This is because the defender will bite on the fake only for the receiver to cut back in the other direction

In the NFL players are able to complete passes with only a small amount of separation. The vast majority of the time a receiver will only cut a single time during a route.

So when a receiver makes his first cut the defender is virtually forced to move with him to stop the pass. By the time the receiver makes his second move the defender will be carried the opposite away due to his momentum.

These routes often take a long time to develop due to the two cuts. This means that a quarterback will need to be protected for a few seconds in order to pass it to a player running a double move.

The majority of double moves involve a receiver faking a short route only to go long. Though double moves also include routes that fake to the right only to quickly cut back to the left.

Additionally, a quarterback may throw a quick pump fake when his receiver is running a double move. This pump fake will occur right after the receiver makes his first move, this sells the double move even more effectively.

Popular Double Move Routes

Now that you know what a double move is it’s time to check out some of the most popular routes that incorporate double moves.

Hook And Go

The hook and go is the bread and butter of double moves. This route has been used for years in football and when executed correctly is one of the deadliest routes in football.

To start the route the receiver will simply act like they are running a hook route. This is done by running ten yards down the field only to suddenly cut backwards toward the quarterback and look for the ball.

When the receiver cuts back the quarterback will then pump fake as if he is throwing the hook route. Once the defender takes a step toward the receiver he will cut back upfield on a go route.

This change of direction will allow the receiver to get past the defender and achieve separation downfield.

Post Corner

The post corner is another great double move route that has been used in the NFL for years.

On this route, the receiver will start by running a post route. This means they will run ten to fifteen yards downfield before cutting towards the middle of the field on a fourty five degree angle.

After a step or two, the receiver will then cut back towards the corner of the endzone. Ideally, the receiver will force the defender to have to turn all the way around in order to get in position after the second cut.

This turning of the body while running at full speed is incredibly difficult and will usually allow the receiver to gain a yard or two of separation.

Out And Up Route

The out and up route is another great double move that can result in a huge gain for the offense. On this route, the receiver is first going to fake a short out only to be followed up by a fly route down the field.

The receiver will quickly cut out after only a step or two down the field. In this moment the defender must step up towards the line of scrimmage in order to break up the short pass if it comes.

Once the defender steps up the receiver will cut deep downfield. This change of direction will allow a free step or two of separation before the defender is able to turn downfield with them.

These routes usually require a nice lob from the quarterback in order to float it over the trailing defender.

That is all on double moves in football learn about football moves or what a rip move is in football.

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