What Is A PSL In Football

A PSL in football is a personal seat license. This license allows fans to own a specific seat in the stadium. Having a PSL does not mean you can attend any event in the stadium but rather you will have the first opportunity to buy the tickets in your seat.

When it comes to football a PSL is going to give you the opportunity to purchase season tickets and playoff tickets ahead of the general public.

Since the license grants you ownership of the seat, you will be able to purchase season tickets in this seat every year. Though if you fail to purchase season tickets for your seats your PSL may be forfeited.

Why Should I Buy A PSL?

In our opinion, PSLs are just another way for the stadium to generate more money from their fans and ultimately pay off the stadium building costs.

Though if your team uses the PSL system you are likely going to have to make the purchase if you want to get season tickets.

Below we will break down all the benefits of purchasing a PSL.

Purchasing Season Tickets

The main reason that fans are going to purchase a PSL is so they can get season tickets. Teams that sell PSLs make it mandatory that a PSL must be bought in order to purchase season tickets.

This means you must purchase the PSL to get the opportunity to buy season tickets for your seat.

If you do not have a PSL you will not be able to purchase season tickets from a team that uses this seating system. Though in some cases you may be able to purchase season tickets from a fan that owns a PSL yet is not planning on going to any games this year.

Early Access To Playoff Tickets And Others

Having a personal seat license is going to give you the first opportunity to purchase playoff tickets. Before the general public is able to purchase tickets themselves PSL owners will get the first shot.

The tickets purchased in these scenarios will be in the seats that you own under your personal seat license.

Additionally, when other sports teams or concerts are going on in the stadium your PSL may grant you early access to these tickets as well.

Events And Team Benefits

In order to sweeten the pot, most NFL teams will add some more benefits for fans that purchase seat licenses.

Events inside the stadium including photo opportunities with players and coaching staff are the sorts of benefits you may get with your seat license.

These events act as sort of a backstage pass allowing fans to get a behind-the-scenes look at their team.

Most PSLs are also going to include discounts at the team shop and restaurants inside the stadium.

Can I Change Which Seat I Own?

One question fans often have regarding private seat licenses is whether or not they will be able to move. In the offseason, most teams that use this seating system will allow the seat owners an opportunity to change the location of their seats.

Though once the season starts you are locked into your location.

Can A PSL Be Transferred?

As we said earlier if a seat owner fails to purchase season tickets that year then his seat license will be given up. Luckily if a fan decides he or she doesn’t want to purchase tickets he can sell or transfer his PSL to someone else.

Selling the PSL should get you back most of the money spent on purchasing it in the first place. Though in big markets the price of these seat licenses on the second-hand market can get quite high.


In conclusion, a personal seat license allows fans to own a seat so they have the right to buy tickets in the stadium. PSLs do not include season tickets but are a mandatory purchase that must be completed in order to get season tickets.

With this license comes a few extra benefits including priority ticket purchasing for events going on inside the stadium.

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