Why Do Football Players Pretend To Eat?

Have you ever been watching a football game and noticed a player act like a he was eating a bowl of cereal after a big play.

This celebration has become quite common in football though many fans aren’t exactly sure what it means.

Football players pretend to eat after a big play as a way to say keep feeding me the ball.

Feeding a player in football usually refers to giving them opportunities to make a play. For running back feeding is going to mean more carries and to a wide receiver, it is going to mean more targets.

When you see a player pretend to eat a bowl of cereal after a big play they are saying keep giving me the ball and I will keep producing.

That being said the eating celebration has become somewhat of a common way to celebrate a big play in football. It cannot be said for sure that all players using this celebration are referring to getting more touches of the ball.

“Eating Good”

An alternative meaning for this celebration is that players celebrating this way are saying they are performing well on the field.

“Eating good” or “eating what you kill” are sayings that use the term eating in a way to refer to how well someone is producing.

If a player is consistently putting up big yardage games he is “eating good”. By using this celebration a player may be saying that they are performing well and eating good in the game.

What Positions Use This Celebration

There are typically only two positions that will use the eating cereal celebration and that is wide receivers and running backs.

Running Backs

Running backs are especially known for using this celebration in football. Cowboys running back Zeke Elliot often performs this celebration after busting off a big run.

For Zeke, he is likely using the celebration as a way to say “feed me the ball”. A runningback of this style tends to play better the more carries they get. So as Zeke continues to get fed his output in the game will usually improve.

Wide Receivers

Wide receiver is the other position that you may see use this celebration on the football field. Though this position is significantly less likely to use it compared to running backs.

When a receiver pretends to eat this will usually mean they want more targets.

Similar to a running back a receiver can get hot throughout the course of a game. If this happens the receiver may use this celebration as a way to say keep feeding me and I’ll keep eating.

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