What Position Is Easiest To Play In Football?

In the game of football, no position is easy to play at a high level. But there are certain positions that more players are able to play because they require fewer technical skills.

Throughout this article, we are going to break down all the top positions which may be the easiest for you to play in football.

Understanding Football Position Selection

Before you go into reading which positions are easiest you must first understand how coaches choose positions.

When playing football your height, weight and speed are going to be the biggest factors in which position you play. Whether you know it or not your measurements and speed likely fit only a few positions on the football field.

For example, someone who is 5’9 and 150 pounds cannot play the defensive tackle position as it requires much more weight and size. Similarly, a 5’10 250 player would not be able to play wide receiver as they are far too big.

Before choosing which position you want to play based on ease it is worth checking out which positions your body type and skillset fit.

Easiest Football Positions

Long Snapper

The long snapper is one football position that is probably the easiest to play. A long snapper is a player that only comes in on punts and field goals.

These players are specifically used to snap the ball a long distance. This is different from the center position which snaps the ball to the quarterback every play.

A long snapper will only play several snaps a game, meaning their responsibilities are quite limited.

Additionally, defensive players are not allowed to line up directly in front of the long snapper meaning he usually doesn’t have to block after snapping the ball.

On punts, a long snapper is going to have to run down the field and attempt to tackle the punt returner. Though most teams do not expect their long snapper to make many tackles on special teams.

At lower levels of football like high school a team may not have a player that exclusively plays the long snapper position. But if you look at the NCAA or NFL you will find the top teams all use long snappers.

Since this position is not often talked about few players spend their time practising the skills of long snapping. This makes this position more accessible as it often does not have much in terms of competition.


The punter is another position that is considered easier due to their limited responsibilities. As a punter, you only come onto the field when your team is punting the ball.

In most games, this means you will only be on the field for a handful of plays. Additionally, punters are only tasked with kicking the ball, their position does not have any other responsibilities.

Punting the football itself is not an easy task, to do this effectively you will have to have good technique and likely some natural talent.

That being said most teams do not have a lot of talent at this position often leaving it open for the player that works to refine this skill.

Wide Receiver

Wide receiver is a position that many will not expect to see on this list. The wide receiver can be difficult to play but players at this position tend to only have one responsibility.

A wide receiver is tasked with getting open and catching the ball. If the ball is not being thrown their way they are usually not going to be involved in the play.

When the ball is carried in their direction receivers will have to run block but this is not considered a big part of their position.

The wide receiver position is also one that can be played by a large number of body types. Wide receivers tend to have a low amount of body fat but their height and weight can vary greatly.

Though if you plan to play the wide receiver position you will have to have a fair amount of speed in your repertoire.

Defensive End

Arguably the easiest position on the defensive side of the ball is one of the most important. When playing defensive end you typically only have two jobs to do.

Rush the passer on passing plays and seal the edge on running plays. These limited responsibilities make this position easier when compared to most defensive positions.

That all being said defensive ends are one of the highest paid positions in football due to their importance on the team. If a player is able to dominate at the defensive end position there is a good chance the defense stops the offense.

This may mean there is more competition at this position as some great athletes will likely play this position for your team.


We hope that our guide to the easiest positions in football has offered you what you were looking for. Remember that positions are often chosen based on physical traits so you may not be able to choose your exact position on a football team.

When it comes to choosing a position those with a limited number of responsibilities are going to be the easiest to learn and play effectively.

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