What Is A Strip Sack In Football

A strip sack in football occurs when a defensive player sacks the quarterback while also causing him to fumble the ball. This means hitting a quarterback causing an incomplete pass does not count as a strip sack.

A strip-sack requires the quarterback has possession of the ball and fumbles the ball due to the defensive player’s contact. The quarterback must also be behind the line of scrimmage for the play to be considered a strip-sack.

This is because if the quarterback becomes a runner and crosses the line of scrimmage you will no longer meet the criteria for a sack.

Does this count as a sack and forced fumble statistically?

Yes, a strip-sack is going to count for both a sack and a fumble when it comes down to statistics. Even if you swat the ball out of the quarterback’s hands without touching him you will be credited for a sack and a fumble.

Does A Strip Sack Count As A Turnover?

Many people think that because a strip sack includes a fumble it is, therefore, a turnover. This is not technically the case as this play is determined a turnover or not by who comes up with possession of the ball.

If a strip sack occurs and the defending team takes possession of the ball then it is considered a turnover. Though if the loose ball is recovered by the offensive team then this play will only count as a sack and a forced fumble.

How To Force Fumbles On Sacks

Know that you know what a strip sack is it’s time you find out how to achieve one. There are two main ways that defensive players achieve strips sacks both of which we will explain in detail.

Go For The Arm

Going for the arm/ball when tackling the quarterback is one of the best ways to jar a ball loose. If you are able to hit the quarterbacks throwing arm especially from his blindside there is a very good chance you will be able to cause a fumble.

To do this you want to try and emulate the windmill like swing defensive backs utilize to jar balls loose. This motion brings your arm up over your shoulder and swings down hard onto the quarterback’s arm. If you make contact before they protect the ball there is a good chance you cause a fumble. And potentially a scoop and score scenario.

Go For The Big Hit

The other common method for achieving sack fumbles in football is to hit the quarterback hard. I know, you may be thinking this is an obvious tip. But think back to every strip-sack you can think of. Virtually everyone involves hitting the quarterback’s arm or hitting him with a lot of force.

When it comes to jarring the ball loose hitting harder is always going to improve your odds. Especially against a quarterback.

How To Avoid Strip Sacks As A Quarterback

Respect The Length Of Edge Rushers

One way you can avoid strip sacks by defender is by respecting their length. Oftentimes quarterback fumbles occur when the defender is able to get a single hand on the throwing arm of the quarterback.

This often happens because the quarterback doesn’t believe the defensive player is going to get to him before the ball is thrown. It is important to remember that defensive ends are known for their length and are often drafted due to physical traits such as long arms.

Be sure you understand the length of the defenders around you if you are looking to avoid turnovers.

Be Aware Of The Pressure

Another option to avoid fumbles is to work on your awareness of pressure. If you think back to plays in which a quarterback fumbled you will release the majority occur when the quarterback does not see the defender coming.

Getting hit by surprise makes it much more difficult to hold onto the ball. This is why you should work on feeling the pressure coming if you want to avoid strip sacks.

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