What Is A Scoop And Score In Football

If you enjoy watching football on television you have likely heard the term scoop and score at some point. Issue is many fans of the NFL, NCAA, and high school football don’t know what this term means. luckily this article is on hand to break it down.

A scoop and score refers to a play in which a defensive player recovers a fumble and brings it all the way back to the opposing teams endzone for a touchdown.

On some occasions, announcers will also use this term to refer to other fumble recovery touchdowns.

These could include block field goals, onside kick returns, or even fumble recovered by the offense for a touchdown. That being said the vast majority of the time this term is referring to a defensive playing bringing back a touchdown.

What Is The Longest Scoop And Score In NFL History

The record for the longest scoop and score in NFL history is one hundred and four yards. This record is actually held by two players.

In 1972 Raiders player Jack Tatum scooped up a loose fumble in his own teams end zone.

Tatum had grabbed the ball after it bounced off the running backs hand in a lateral pass. This made the ball a live fumble. Jack tatum then scooped up the ball four yards into his own endzone and return it one hundred and four yards to the house. At the time this was the longest fumble recovery for a touchdown of all time.

This record held all the way into the year 2000. When Cardinals player Aeneas Williams picked up a fumble in his own end zone. He then returned it all the way to the opposing teams endzone. At the time of the play Williams was credited with a one hundred and three-yard return.

It wasn’t until days later the tape was reviewed giving Williams a one hundred and four-yard return for a touchdown. This made the two players tied for this record.

That is all on scoop and scores learn about why your fantasy football score might have changed or if you can score one point in football.

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