What is powderpuff football?

Powderpuff football is an all-female football game that usually takes place prior to a homecoming game. Powderpuff football games are played at both the high school and collegiate level.

Generally, powderpuff football games are going to raise money via ticket sales. These powderpuff games will often take place prior to a large event like a college football game.

The funds from the game will often go to charities, or raise money for school events.

These powderpuff football games are non-contact and do not involve football equipment. These games will be played with flags or two-hand touch.

That being said it is not uncommon for the women playing these games to get aggressive. Many athletes that take part in a powderpuff football game are competitive and genuinely care about winning the game.

With lots of people watching powderpuff football games are often taken quite seriously by the players.

Who plays in powderpuff football?

Powderpuff football games are usually played by students which attend the school hosting the game. Though the way the students are matched up against one another can change depending on the event.

Seniors vs Juniors

One of the most common matchups in these football games is senior girls versus junior girls. This matchup is common when playing powderpuff football in high school.

These two teams will spend time practising and developing plays prior to the game.

The game will then be viewed by the high school as the two classes go head to head.

Townies vs Dormies

One of the oldest recorded powderpuff football games occurred in 1945 at Western State Colorado University.

The war had just ended which meant athletic events such as homecoming were back on for this school year.

The trouble was the men from world war two had not yet returned back to school. In the coming semester, only four men had enrolled in total.

To make sure there was still some sporting event the women of the university decided to organize a game.

The women then decided to split up the teams based on where they lived. The girls that stayed in the dorms on campus would make up one team.

While the girls that lived off-campus in the town would make up the other. This has become a relatively common trend in powderpuff football as some college campuses still use this format to this day.

Blondes vs Brunnettes

One of the funnier ways that teams are made for these football games is by teaming up blondes and brunettes.

This is not done often at school events but has become popular as a charity event.

These blonde vs brunette charity football games are played all across the united states with the goal of raising money for Alzheimer’s.

Where did the name powderpuff come from?

The term powderpuff football came from the soft material that is used when applying face powder.

These games have been around for a long time, a time when women playing sports was not nearly as accepted as it is today.

When naming this game the idea of women playing football was not widely accepted to the point where homecoming committees tried to have the game stopped.

Luckily things have changed and women’s sports are much more respected by most Americans.

If this game were to be invented today it is likely it wouldn’t have a name like powderpuff but for now this is what these games are called.

That is all on powderpuff football if you want to learn more see our guides to senior night or learn what football tryouts are like.

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