Why is Alabama so good at football?

Over the last fifteen years, Alabama football has been best program in college football. Football fans regularly tune in on Saturdays to see Alabama beating their opponents by a huge margin before the first half has concluded.

This leaves many fans wondering why is Alabama so good at college football?

College football programs are a huge operation and there are many different people and positions that result in an effective football team.

That all being said the core reasons Alabama is good at football is due to coaching, recruiting and resources.


Coaching is one of the main reasons that Alabama football has been so successful. Currently, the head football coach of the Alabam Crimson Tide is Nick Saban.

Saban is widely considered to be the best coach in college football.

Collegiate football coaches are going to play a huge role in their team’s success. Unlike the NFL which has general managers and owners to answer to the head coach of a college football team is often in charge.

The coach will control how the team is run. Which players are going to be on the team. The style of football that team is going to play and what play calls they are going to make during the game.

When a team like Alabama has a coach that is superior to their competition you are going to notice it on the field.

Nick Saban takes his job extremely seriously and this shows on the field. Year after year Saban is able to outcoach his opponents leading Alabama to great results.

If Nick Saban were to leave Alabama you would expect a noticeable drop in the quality of this football program.


When thinking about how good college football teams are it is important to remember there is no draft. The worst teams in college football are not going to get to select the best players in order to even out the competition.

Instead, it will be a free for all between the coaches to determine which school can bring in the best players.

This is another area where Nick Saban and Alabama excel. Due to their great success and high-quality team, Alabama is often able to recruit the top prospects from all around the country.

Players entering college want to play in big games and want to be led by great coaches. Playing at Alabama almost guarantees that you are going to be playing in the college football playoffs.

It also means you will be getting the best coaching as even the positional coaches at Alabama will often move up to the NFL after a few years.

This sort of recruiting allows Alabama to continually fill up its roster with the best available players. This is key to their success as it is not uncommon for their players to leave early to enter the NFL.


Another reason why Alabama is one of the best teams in college football is due to its resources. You’ll notice the top college football teams never seem to be small schools with limited budgets.

Having high-quality facilities and coaching staff can seriously increase a team’s ability to perform.

If you take a look at Alabama’s locker room you will find out quickly how these sorts of resources can tempt players to play at this school.

Additionally having resources allows players to more effectively train and heal their bodies.

Weight rooms, player performance facilities and amenities can all help to improve a player’s performance. The technology used in football facilities has increased greatly over the years.

Nowadays top college football teams will all have saunas, ice baths, and hot tubs, among many other facilities that will help their players play their best.

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