Can D2 players go to the NFL?

The vast majority of players in the NFL came from respectable division one football programs. This leaves many division two football players wondering if they still have an opportunity to make the NFL.

The answer is yes, D2 players are able to make it to the NFL and do so and a fairly regular basis. There were 47 division two football players on NFL rosters to start the 2021 season. This was down from 90 in 2017.

As a division two football player your odds of making the NFL a slim but they are not zero. Players in this division will be scouted if they perform at a level comparable to other NFL draft prospects.

NFL teams are looking for any competitive advantage they can get over their opponents. Scouting outside of the first division is done by most NFL teams if a player is worth checking out.

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How do D2 players get noticed by the NFL?

Now that you know that d2 players have the opportunity to make the NFL you may be wondering what players at this level of football have to do in order to catch the eyes of an NFL scout.

Excel throughout the season

The easiest way to get noticed for a shot at the NFL is to play incredibly well compared to your peers at the division 2 level. If your games are recorded the statistics and highlights will get the eyes of NFL scouts if a player is performing at a high enough level.

NFL teams do not discriminate against talent, the Patriots drafted a division two safety in the second round of the 2020 NFL draft.

The majority of division two players are not going to get drafted but a great collegiate season can easily earn you a shot at a mini-camp.

Many division two players are signed each as undrafted free agents after the draft is completed. These players are not always locked to make to the team but players like Auston Ekeler have chosen this path and succeeded.

Perform well at your pro day

Another way in which a player can be valued as a prospect is with a great performance at a pro day. Pro days are an event in which players run drills in order to show off their athletic abilities.

If a division two-player is able to put up impressive numbers at their pro day this will always raise some eyebrows.

Players that are exceptional athletes are valuable no matter how raw their ability to play football is. If an NFL comes across an incredibly athletic player it can be worth it to take a flyer and invite them to mini-camp in the spring.

Check All The Boxes

One other way a division two player can increase their chances of being drafted in the NFL is by checking all the boxes a scout wants.

Attributes such as leadership and a positive attitude are things that NFL teams value. These sorts of traits are things you can control to improve your draft stock.

Learning additional roles such as playing special teams can also help a player increase their value as a prospect.

To interest an NFL team you want to offer them valuable skills that will benefit their team and their locker room.

That concludes our guide on D2 players going to the NFL, now you may be wondering do you have to go to college to play in the NFL or how do college football players get so big.

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