How do football players spend their money?

It is no secret that playing in the NFL comes with a lot of money. With some contracts being as large 450 million many fans are curious about how they spend their money.

A few of the main expenses of NFL players include charitable donations, purchases of their houses and cars as well as helping out friends and family members who need assistance.

Charitable donations

Around the NFL there are tons and tons of players who put money towards charities.

This is especially true for players who have been in the league for some time and have plenty of disposable income.

Many of these players have been affected by charitable causes at some point in their lives and use the opportunity of playing in the NFL to give back.

On top of money, it is common for players to donate their time as well. Many players in the league spend time volunteering with charitable organizations.

Houses and cars

If you follow NFL players on Instagram or any other social media app you’ve likely seen the life of luxury that some of these players live.

It is common for players to purchase a house when they are drafted into a team or sign a new contract with a team.

The majority of NFL players are not going to play in the city they grew up in. This means when they join their team they are going to have to figure something out for housing.

For many players, this means renting an apartment but for some buying a luxury house is their first move.

This is especially common for players that are of the higher paid players on the team. 

Purchasing a house can burn through a lot of a player’s salary after taxes.

Cars are another way that professional football players spend their money.

A great way to see what cars NFL players drive is to check out videos when they come into training camp.

The media will usually be waiting for the players to show up giving fans a chance to see what kind of cars they are driving.

It is common for NFL players to drive luxury vehicles. Some players will even have a number of luxury vehicles they keep as a sort of collection.

Helping out friends and family members 

It is no secret that many players in the NFL come from tough backgrounds. Many of these players grew up in poverty with their friends and families.

Many players will take the money they earn in the NFL and use it to help out those that helped them reach their goals.

It is especially common for players to purchase a house for their mother or father.

If an NFL player is making millions of dollars each year they are often happy to spend some money on family members to improve their life.

Personal Chefs, trainers and Massage Therapists

On top of all the money spent to help others and enjoy life NFL players also have to spend money to maximize their potential.

One of the common ways to do this is by hiring professionals to keep their bodies in shape.

To perform at peak levels and extend their career many players will hire staff on their own dime.

Chefs will plan out their meals and cook their food to ensure they are eating quality food. Otherwise, the busy lives of these players can result in them eating unhealthy food.

Physical trainers are used in the off-season in order to keep these players in shape for when the season rolls around

Trainers will also work with the players to improve their technical skills in order to perfect their craft.

Finally, massage therapists are often used by NFL players in order to keep their bodies healthy.

NFL players need to keep their muscles loose in order to avoid injury. This often means the players will have a massage therapist which keeps them in great physical shape all year round.


I hope you enjoyed this guide to how NFL players spend their money. If you have any questions feel free to reach out in the comments below.

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