What is a playoff percentage in fantasy football?

Playoff percentage in fantasy football is a measurement of how likely your team is to make playoffs based on the standings. Playoff percentage takes into account the number of games you have won and the number of teams in that will make playoffs in your league.

Playoff percentage in fantasy football can be a helpful statistic to have when getting close to the trade deadline.

Teams looking to make a push in the playoffs need to be sure that they have a high likelihood of getting in. By checking out your playoff percentage you can get a better understanding of your odds of winning the championship.

If you are a lock for the playoffs picking up one extra player in a trade might be what you need to put your team over the top.

On the other end of the spectrum, playoff percentage will let you know if it is not your year. If it is halfway through the season and your playoff percentage is quite low you may want to offload some pieces.

Trading away player for some extra draft picks is a common tactic used in keeper and dynasty football leagues. Playoff percentage works as a great way to determine if your season is too far gone.

Important Factors In Playoff Percentage

Division Breakdowns

One of the big factors that plays into playoff percentage in fantasy football is how your divisions are broken up.

Some fantasy football leagues prefer to break their league down into two divisions in which the top few positions make the playoffs. This is similar to real sports leagues in which the divisions can largely affect who makes the playoffs.

This means some years one division may be stronger which can result in teams with a fair amount of wins not making the playoffs.

For example, if in a ten-man league each division may allow three teams to make the playoffs. Even if the fourth-place team in one division has more wins than the third-place team in the other division the third-place team will still get in over him.

This is why it can be important to take division breakdowns into account when determining playoff percentage.

Make sure you take into account the makeup of your division before basing playoff percentage just on wins. The quality of teams and players in your division can make a large difference in terms of your chances of making the playoffs.


Another important factor to take into account when talking about fantasy football playoffs is seeding.

In fantasy football, it is common for the first-place team in each division to get a bye in the first week of the playoffs.

This one-week bye means this team will not have to play in the first round of the playoffs making their chance at a championship much higher.

When thinking about playoff percentage in fantasy football you also want to take into account your chance at getting the bye.

It is one thing to make the playoffs it is another to get to skip the first round altogether. So fantasy football managers new to the game may believe all they want to do is make the playoffs and they are set.

The truth is earning the bye and getting favourable seeding matchups are going to play a large role in your success in the playoffs.

That is all on playoff percentage in fantasy football, now you may be wondering what touchdown-dependent means or what ST% means in fantasy football.

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