What Is A Taco In Fantasy Football?

The game of fantasy football comes with tons of slang and terminology. One question often asked is what does it mean to be a taco in fantasy football?

A taco is a fantasy football manager that has no idea what they are doing. There is usually one taco in each fantasy football league. They are often made fun of for the mistakes they make with their lineups, draft picks, and waiver wire pickups.

The term “taco in fantasy football came from the television show the league. The league was a show that followed several friends that played in a fantasy football league.

Taco was the member of the league who took the league the least serious of all the players. Taco made many huge mistakes including drafting special teams players in the first round, as well as drafting retired players.

This sort of uninformed attitude towards fantasy football has evolved into being a common phrase used in fantasy football leagues.

Almost every league is going to have one fantasy manager that acts with this sort of attitude towards the league.

What Makes Someone A Taco?

Now that you understand what a taco is in fantasy football you may be wondering what exactly fantasy managers do to be considered tacos. Below we are going to break down some of the actions most likely to earn you the taco moniker.

Drafting A Retired Player

Drafting a player who is no longer in the NFL is a telltale sign of a league taco. This is more common when leagues draft in person as the managers will not be picking from a list on a fantasy football website.

League tacos often know the big names in football but do not always stay up to date. This often leads to them over-drafting big name players that have retired or fallen off in recent years.

Picking A Kicker Too High

There is always one player in each draft that goes for the kicker a few rounds early. Tacos are liable to the fantasy manager that selects their kicker long before the other teams.

They will usually then try to rationalize their decision by explaining how good that kicker is.

Leaving A Roster Spot Empty

Part of the responsibility in joining a fantasy football league is that you need to be ready to set your lineup each week. If a player is hurt or on a bye week you need to be sure to change it.

Not filling out lineups means that someone in the league is going to have an easy matchup that week.

League tacos are known for failing to pay proper attention to their lineup. Players that were declared out days before the game will often still be in a tacos lineup when Sunday rolls around.

That concludes our guide on tacos in fantasy learn about JAGs in ff or articles on the ceiling of fantasy football players.

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