What Is Jamin Davis’ 40 Time?

Jamin Davis was selected nineteenth overall in the 2021 NFL draft by the Washington Commanders. Though he is known as a big athletic linebacker yet many fans do not know Jamin Davis’ 40 time.

Jamin Davis ran an unofficial 40 yard dash 4.47 seconds at his Kentucky pro day. This 40 time generated a lot of buzz for Davis prior to the draft.

Though a 4.47 forty yard dash is an incredible time for a linebacker it is important to remember that this time was unofficial.

An unofficial time in the forty-yard dash means that it was not recorded at the NFL combine by laser timers. Instead, stopwatches are used to measure how quickly a player completed the drill.

This has obvious errors as humans are much less accurate when it comes to stopping and starting the clock at the appropriate times.

For this reason, unofficial results like Jamin Davis 40 time should be taken with a grain of salt.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Big linebacker with desired athleticism inside

One of the strengths of Jamin Davis coming into the draft was his size and speed. A 4.4 forty time paired with a six-foot four-inch two hundred and thirty pounds frame is exactly what NFL teams are looking for.

Though scouts believed he may need to refine some skills, his frame and athleticism were already at an NFL level.

Plays with impressive focus and vision

It’s one thing to have the body to play in the NFL but it’s another to be able to keep up at a mental level.

Defensive players like linebackers need to be able to identify where the play is going in order to effectively stop it. In college, Davis showed a great ability to do just that.

Has just 11 career starts under his belt

Though Jamin was a great physical prospect he only had eleven total games as a starter throughout all his time in college.

This meant scouts had a limited number of games they could watch to determine the quality of this player. This stuck out as a weakness in Jamin Davis’ draft stock because teams weren’t sure if he could perform at that level consistently.

Underestimates pursuit angle from time to time.

Another weakness that was noticed in Jamin Davis’s game was the angles he took when looking to tackle an opponent.

Though Davis is an incredibly quick linebacker he sometimes cuts his angle too short and ultimately allows the ball carrier to get past him. At the NFL level, players are much faster meaning this is something he needed to address before taking the next step.

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