What Is Darren Waller’s 40 Time?

Darren Waller was drafted 204th overall by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2015 NFL draft. Waller was drafted as a wide receiver and later into his career in the NFL transitioned into a tight end. As one of the fastest tight ends in the league, many fans wonder what Darren Waller’s 40 time is.

Darren Waller ran an official 4.46 40 yard dash at the 2015 NFL combine. At six feet six inches tall and weighing two hundred and thirty-eight pounds this was an incredibly fast time for his size.

To compare some other 40 times see Devin White’s 40 time or Christian Mccaffreys 40 yard dash.

It is important to note that Waller’s 40 time is official. Unofficial times are recorded via stopwatch which can make them inaccurate. Since Waller’s was recorded at the combine using laser timing, his is an official 40 yard dash time.

What Is Darren Waller’s Hand Size?

Despite being an incredibly large player Darren Waller has relatively small hands.

Waller’s hands measure nine inches flat, to measure a player’s hand size they take the tip of the pinky and the tip of the thumb and measure the distance in between.

For reference, Tom Brady’s hand size is nine and a half inches. Brady’s hand size is similar to the average hand size for quarterbacks.

Being six feet six inches tall, Darren Waller’s hands are quite small for his frame.

Pre Draft Criticisms

Like any other prospect, Waller had several criticisms about him coming into the draft. Now that he has been in the league a few years it’s worth looking back to see how these pre-draft takes hold up.

Raw route runner with limited exposure to complex routes

Coming into the league one of the big knocks against Waller entering the league was his ability to run routes. Since he was being prospected as a wide receiver route running was of greater importance for Waller.

As a tight end in the NFL Waller has not become an incredible route runner but that hasn’t seemed to cause him any issues.

Using the speed of his 4.4 40 time plus his huge frame Waller is easily able to get open for a pass without a great route.

Watching his highlights you will find that he beats opponents by catching them off guard with his speed and using his body to shield the ball from the defender.

Limited production and targets over career

Another one of the big criticisms against Darren Waller entering the draft was his lack of production. As a 6″6 receiver with a 4.4 40 yard dash, there was no question that Waller was a great athlete.

But in his time at college Waller did not generate much production at all. For the first four years after the draft, this take was correct as Waller was only able to generate less than two hundred receiving yards.

Though once he find his stride in Oakland Waller took off. Waller had back to back 1,100-yard seasons making him one of the top tight ends in the NFL.

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