What Is Kyler Murray’s 40 Time?

Kyler Murray Is one of the most exciting dual-threat quarterbacks to enter the NFL in recent years. Despite his blazing speed, most football fans do not know how fast Kyler Murray ran the 40-yard dash.

Kyler ran an unofficial 4.38 40 yard dash in 2017 at the Oklahoma Sooners spring practice. At the time Murray was 19 years old, he declined to run the 40-yard dash at the NFL combine and the Oklahoma Pro Day during his draft year.

It is important to remember that Kyler Murray’s 40 time of 4.38 seconds was an unofficial 40 time. This is an important distinction because official 40 times and unofficial 40 times are very different.

An official time can only be recorded at the NFL combine using their electronic timing. Lasers are set up at the beginning and end of the fifty yards allowing them to take an extremely accurate reading of a player’s speed.

An unofficial 40 time is usually timed via a handheld stopwatch. This requires someone to start and stop the watch at what they believe to be the appropriate time.

Due to human error and reaction time, unofficial 40 times are not the most accurate.

That being said coming into the NFL combine the betting odds had Kyler Murray’s forty time at 4.44 seconds. Knowing how accurate Vegas usually is with these things it is likely that Kyler Murrays unofficial 40 time of 4.39 seconds isn’t too far off.

Kyler Murray Pre Draft Criticisms

Entering the draft Kyler Murray had his fair share of criticisms. Now that Kyler has spent a few years in the league it’s time to see how these pre-draft takes hold up.


Leadership and personality were some of the biggest criticisms of Kyler coming into the draft. Multiple articles came out stating that Kyler Murray performed incredibly poorly in pre-draft interviews with NFL teams.

Kyler also came onto sports talk shows and produced some incredibly awkward and confusing interviews.

Several old teammates came out to defend Kyler against these claims. In the NFL these claims have continued especially after his playoff loss in the 2021 NFL season.

Reports came out that Kyler was sulking on the sideline during his first playoff game. Allegedly Kyler told a teammate that he was done during the game.

This was followed by drama in the offseason as Murray removed all Arizona Cardinals photos from his Instagram. It is tough to say what is happening behind closed doors in Arizona but some believe that Kyler’s personality may be a problem for the team.

Concerns over durability due to size and playing style

Another pre-draft criticism of Kyler was that he will be unable to play consistently at the NFL level due to his size. Scouts and pundits believed that due to the fact Murray often ran with the ball he would likely take hits his small frame could not handle.

This could not be further from true based on Kyler Murray’s first three years in the league. Despite keeping up his dual-threat QB habits Murray has only missed two games out of forty-eight throughout his NFL career.

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