What Is Jet Sweep In Football

A jet sweep in football is a play football in which a receiver comes in motion across the formation and receives the ball from the quarterback. The vast majority of these plays are handoffs from the quarterback to the receiver.

Though in some instances this ply involves a shovel pass from the quarterback. In these situations, the jet sweep is considered a passing play.

In these plays, the receiver will run across the entire formation receiver the ball from the quarterback immediately after the snap and continue running horizontally across the field until he is past the formation at which point he will attempt to run downfield.

How To Run The Sweep

There are many different variations of jet sweeps so running one of these plays can vary. The typical jet sweep looks like this.

The offensive players will assume their positions and be ready to snap the ball. The quarterback will then start his cadence letting the receiver know he can start his motion.

The receiver will then run parallel to the line of scrimmage. It is important that the receiver is not getting any closer to the line of scrimmage as he runs or he will earn himself an illegal snap infraction penalty.

The quarterback will then snap the ball right as the wide receiver is about to reach him. He then hands the ball off or shovel the ball to the wide receiver as he makes his way past.

What is the difference between a jet sweep and an end around?

A jet sweep and an end around are two very similar plays that are often confused for one another. The main difference between the jet sweep and an end around is the use of a play fake.

In an end around the play will start as if it is going to one direction and then the receiver will take the ball from the quarterback travelling a different way across the formation.

In short an jet sweep is a run to the right or left with the receiver running across the formation. While an end around is fake run to the right or left while the receiver runs across the formation in the opopsite direction of the original run.

Essentially end arounds involve a play fake to the opposite direction while a sweep has no fakes built-in.

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