What Is Elijah Moore’s 40 Time?

Elijah Moore is a wide receiver that played his collegiate football at Ole Miss University. Moore was selected 34th overall in the 2021 NFL draft by the New York Jets.

This receiver has the ability to beat defenders deep with his speed. Which leaves many fans wondering what is Elijah Moore’s 40 time?

Elijah Moore ran an unofficial 40-yard dash of 4.32 seconds at the Ole Miss pro day. The 2021 NFL combine was cancelled due to the pandemic which meant Moore was not able to record an official 40 time.

This forty time was faster than some of top recruits in the 2022 class such as Treylon Burks 4.55 or Garret Wilson’s 4.38

Official 40 times involve electronic timing which is done at the NFL. Official times are much more accurate than unofficial 40 times which involve scouts using handheld stopwatches to time the forty-yard dash.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses

Like all prospects, Elijah Moore had some strengths and weaknesses as he entered the draft. Now that Moore has played in the NFL we can look back at some of these pre-draft takes and see how they hold up.

Has continued to sharpen his routes over three seasons

One of the biggest plusses about Moore as a prospect was his ability to run routes. Moore was already impressive in college and continued to show improvement on his route running as he went through college.

Coming into the NFL Moore continued to show off his ability to run a good route. Moore spent his time playing in the slot which meant a large portion of his routes were shorter.

Despite the short routes Moore was consistently able to achieve separation from defenders using his route running.

Able to secure catches through hellacious hits

Another positive about Elijah Moore is his ability to consistently catch the ball. Not only is he able to catch easy passes he also has the ability to take a hit and hold onto the ball.

Moore is an undersized wide receiver so it is likely he will take a large number of hits throughout his career. Knowing that Moore will be able to hold onto the ball after taking hits is a big plus.

Capable of attacking on all three levels

One thing scouts liked about Elijah Moore as a prospect was his ability to run routes at all three levels. Moore was able to run short, intermediate, and deep routes from his position in the slot.

In the NFL Moore showed that he was able to make catches at all levels of the field. Though Moore primarily caught short passes he was also able to extend downfield on plays that required him to.

Average to below-average size for a slot

One of the main knocks against Moore as a wide receiver is that he is undersized for the slot. The slot receiver position is already one of the smallest on the field which raises concerns if Moore is undersized.

This not only affects Moore’s ability to handle the physicality of the league but also limits his catch radius due to his lack of length. Despite this Moore has shown so far that he can still be an effective weapon from the slot despite his small stature.

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